The Box Office & WWRY’s 10th Birthday

10th Birthday Box Office - Image M
17 May

We celebrate in style at the Dominion!

Working the 10th Anniversary had an air of excitement around the building. Not only because we were going to be surrounded by diehard fans and celebrities alike but also because there was going to be a vintage performance by Brian May and Roger Taylor at the end of the show, a trademark anniversary routine. The buzz was infectious and I couldn’t help but feel mesmerised by the whole process. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially as it was my first WWRY anniversary. The crowd were extremely lively to the point where I was making friends randomly throughout the whole evening. I felt like a child in a massive playpen and all I wanted to do was roam the theatre and meet people to make sure everyone was well and enjoying themselves. Good spirits seemed to be on the menu, not just at the bar. I have never experienced an audience reaction to a show like the one on that night. The crowd was phenomenal. Glow sticks in the air, waving arms, singing along.

What a rush! I can’t wait for the next one.

Naouful Ousellam – Box Office Clerk, 17th May 2012

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